Hi, I'm Ian!

I'm a student, a tinkerer, a programmer, and an IT Professional. I enjoy making interesting, useful things, and watching my ideas come to life.

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Comprehensive Logic Skills Strong, Self-Directed Leader Superior Organizational Abilities Inventive and Creative

Northern Arizona University

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Electrical Engineering with a Computer Engineering Emphasis

Senior, in good standing, with 96 completed credits. Member of IEEE and Association of Computing Machinery, and past President of the Ambassadors to the College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences. Expected Graduation of December 2015.

Completed course topics

Digital logic, circuits, microprocessors, electromagnetics, signals and systems, computer engineering, digital design, design process, circuit and engineering analysis, VHDL, and JAVA.


Bob Knight Photo/CHAPPELL Graduation Images/GradTrak (Event Photography Group) & MarathonFoto
I am a photographer hired to photograph graduation/commencement ceremonies, marathons, bike races, etc. I travel within the SW to be a team captain and photographer. When I am a team captain, I am responsible for all communication between the contact person and my team, including event flow, pose setup, and any other coordination required.

Lead IT Technician/Front Desk Assistant

Northern Arizona University
My main function was to provide first-tier support to faculty, staff, and students for a school. The school had about 25 faculty and staff and 800+ students. I managed all technology 2 computer labs, and 12 classrooms. I was responsible for interfacing with vendors and companies to install, configure, and support software and hardware systems. When I was not supporting IT needs, I worked at the front desk answering questions and performing office functions for faculty and students.

Student Computing Assistant

Northern Arizona University
I was part of a team that provided all support for students technology needs. We ran a 24/7 phone support line, and went to the student for support when phone support is not possible. If neither option resolved the issues, we provided in-depth, professional support in our office. These services ranged from OS re-installation, to data recovery, to virus and malware removal.